Ever wonder what mangaka feel about fans making doujinshi (fan-made works) out of their manga titles? While some mangaka might find some fan works just plain weird, one famous mangaka, known for being quite an international bestseller himself, actually went to Comiket to buy some doujins inspired by his own manga. Enter Okayado, the world-famous mangaka who created Monster Musume (or MonMusu for short).


In his tweet, Okayado said, “I did it!” where he showed an image of his Comiket 89 haul, which were all Monster Musume doujins. He was actually amused to see his work inspiring many doujinshi, simply because he himself had started out his career making them, and even joining Comiket to show off his fan-made work. This was mostly while he was still starting out early in his career as a mangaka. He started attending Comiket while still in high school, and is now one of the most well-known mangaka in the world, so if your work inspires younger people to become mangaka too, then why not? He also tweeted that he found buying those Monster Musume doujins quite satisfying.

I’m beginning to wonder what those circles who made those doujins felt when the man himself approached their tables? I for one, would certainly freak out if I ever saw him even going near my table! For his part, Okayado said he had quite a laugh when it came to his exchanges with the comic circles selling MonMusu doujins.

Meanwhile, as for the new year, Okayodo greeted 2016 with a tweet containing a lemur girl. Why a lemur girl you ask? Because 2016 is the year of the monkey, and he has greeted it with a bang! Happy New Year to you too, Okayado-sensei!