Vocal trio Kalafina have been working with legendary singer Shinji Tanimura on a special project! To celebrate the 15th anniversary of broadcaster BS Nippon Television (BS日テレ), Tanimura and Kalafina have recorded a commemorative song, “Alshira no Hoshi” (“アルシラの星”).  ‘Alshira’ (also written as ‘As-shira’ or ‘Aschere’) is an Arabic name for Sirius, the brightest star in Earth’s night sky. This song is produced and written by Tanimura.

Shinji Tanimura is a singer-songwriter who has been performing for over 40 years and released more than 60 albums. Apart from singing hits such as “Subaru” (famously covered by Teresa Teng) and “Hokuriku Roman”, he has written songs for other artistes, such as the classic, “Ii Hi Tabidachi”. In 2015, he was awarded the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon by the Japanese government for his outstanding contributions as an artiste. Tanimura had previously performed with Kalafina on the television show “Music Fair” in 2015, and was reportedly impressed by their singing ability.

Kalafina have performed at four AFA events in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Their anime tie-in songs include The Legend of Arslan‘s “One Light” and Fate/stay night‘s “Believe”.  Kalafina had recently released a live album, “Kalafina 8th Anniversary Special products—The Live Album” to commemorate their anniversary; the album was available in stores from 20 January 2016. “Alshira no Hoshi” will mark Kalafina’s first time collaborating on a studio release with another artiste.

The single for “Alshira no Hoshi” will be released on 16 March 2016.

谷村新司 (Shinji Tanimura) × Kalafina—”Alshira no Hoshi” tracklist:
1. “Alshira no Hoshi”
2. “Alshira no Hoshi” (Karaoke with Kalafina)
3. “Alshira no Hoshi” (Karaoke with Shinji Tanimura)
4. “Alshira no Hoshi” (Karaoke)

You can listen to a preview of the song below:

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