To Love Live fans, 17th January is Hanayo Koizumi’s birthday. Hanayo is known for her great love of rice to the point of her devouring a giant onigiri in one of the episodes of Love Live. To commemorate her birthday, we gathered a few others and decided to build a giant onigiri.


For ingredients, we simply bought some Japanese sushi rice, seaweed and powdered sushi mix. However upon further discussion, as much as we did love rice, eating bowls of plain rice would probably be a bad idea so we bought some tuna, luncheon meat and mayo to go with the meal.


Building the onigiri was relatively simple, after cooking around 10 cups of rice, we just mixed it up and added the sushi mix before attempting to shape it up.

S__6742061 S__6742060


But that was the most difficult part and squeezing hot rice with your hands is not the most enjoyable experience. The final result did look rather impressive though.

If we use puchi nendoroids as a unit of measurement, this is around 2.5 puchi nendoroids high and 3 puchi nendoroids wide

S__6742054 S__6742057 S__6742058

Then came the next challenge of having to eat the whole thing. With around 6 people, we consumed about 20 or so bowls worth of rice and along with some beer to wash it down, it was not too painful a task.


It is always fun to imitate what we see in anime. Maybe we should try (and fail) to make food from Shoukugeki no Soma.