It is more or less common knowledge that voice actors, or seiyuu, in Japan do more than just provide their voices for anime and games. Their job scope has broadened over the years to include other activities such as singing, performing in theatre and modeling. Seiyuu have been in appearing in magazines such as Seiyuu Paradise to wow fans away with all sorts of amazing photographs.

In fact, some seiyuu have moved on further to even having solo photobooks. Today we will look at the top 5 recommended female seiyuu photobooks for you to own, in no particular order of merit.

  1. Uesaka Sumire

Uesaka Sumire or Sumipe is known for voicing several characters such as Anastasia from The [email protected] Cinderella Girls and Athena from Luck and Logic from this season.

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You often see her dressing up in gothic lolita or military outfits and you will definitely see a lot of that in her photobooks, “Sumipe no Keikou to Taisaku” and “Sumipe no Chotto Dake Konton“. With her enchanting smile and captivating costumes, this photobook is definitely a must for your collection.


  1. Tomatsu Haruka

A popular seiyuu and member of the seiyuu unit Sphere, Tomatsu Haruka has voiced all sorts of popular characters such as Asuna from Sword Art Online and even sang the opening and ending themes for the anime as well.

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So far she has released 2 photobooks “Rainbow Vacation” and “I may Me“. The latter comes with several of photos, which are on the more risqué side and will make you see her in a different light.

  1. Yamashita Nanami and Tanaka Minami

With so many well known seiyuu being featured, it’s time to take a look at some of the newer rising stars as well. Yamashita Nanami and Tanaka Minami are both members of the seiyuu idol unit Wake Up Girls! and both released their solo photobooks not long ago.

Nanami or Nanamin as nicknamed, released her solo photobook titled “Baciami” in September 2015. One of Nanamin’s charm point will be her yaeba or fang and you will definitely see a lot of it in this photobook.

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Minami or Minyami, released her photobook “Last Teen Summer” in August 2015. The name of the photobook (which sounds oddly like Lusting Summer) is a reference to Minyami turning 20 in 2016, so the summer of 2015 is her last summer as a teen.


  1. Kayano Ai

Kayano Ai is definitely a name that most of us know about voicing a giant variety of roles, such as Saori from Girls und Panzer and Shiro from No Game No Life.  While photobooks usually feature the model’s sensuality, Kayano Ai’s photobook, “Letters“,  goes a completely different direction from this. Most pictures from this book show her doing simple everyday tasks like reading, cooking and drinking tea. But this does not make the photobook dull in anyway. It sets a relaxing mood and seems fitting to sip tea and slowly enjoy on a lazy weekend afternoon.


  1. Uchida Maaya

A well-known seiyuu who was a guest at AFA 2015, She has voiced a variety of chuunibyou characters such as Ranko from The [email protected] Cinderella Girls. Her first photobook, “Maaya” is definitely one of my more favourite photobooks. Her photobook is definitely something out of this world with a wide variety of amazing shots and nice photography.


Special Mentions

For special mentions and those who would like to add even more photobooks to their collection I would recommend Inoue Marina’s photobook “MariIro” and Ogura Yui’s “yui memory” both which have great photography.

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Are there any seiyuu photobooks that you own and are proud of?