It seems that the [email protected] seiyuu are slowly getting their own families. Last time, Miki Hoshii’s seiyuu, Akiko Hasegawa, gave birth to a baby boy, and now its Yayoi Takatsuki’s seiyuu, Mayako Nigo’s turn to give birth to a boy too.


In her own personal blog, Nigo said that she is now the mother of a baby boy, and said that she wants to grow into a better mother, and a better seiyuu even further. She got married back in 2014, and this is her first born.

Mayako Nigo may be known for being the voice behind the bubbly Yayoi, but she is also the voice behind many other roles, including Masaki Etou from Dragon Crisis, and Sasa from Omamori Himari. So to the new mother, Mayako Nigo, congratulations!

image via Reviewteur