Seiyuu Momoko Saito had a big announcement in her 5 January entry in her personal blog, where she revealed that she is now happily married to a man who “looks like Drew Barrymore’s ex-boyfriend” and is a “purely Japanese man.”

In her blog entry, she revealed that she went to Ishikawa Prefecture for the New Year holidays, and then announced that she is now married. She revealed that her husband is a company employee, and also greeted everyone a Happy New Year.

Fresh off from reprising her role as the “gigantic little sister,” Nazuna Takanashi from Working!!!, Momoko Saito recently came back for the anime’s finale special, Lord of the Takanashi. She is also known for voicing Mr. Osomatsu’s Hatabou, and Saki’s Momoko Touyoko. Well-wishers for the new bride included Working! mangaka, Karino Takatsu, who drew Nazuna in a wedding dress with her brother, Souta Takanashi, crying tears of joy in the background.


So to the new bride, Momoko Saito, we also wish you luck on your marriage, and Happy New Year to you too!

Source: ANN