The virtual diva Hatsune Miku is the most recognized vocaloid, and many want to have their photographs taken with her in their travels, work, or day-to-day selfies. A new app is now allowing all of that, as the Mikuture app allows normal people to include Miku in their pictures.


The best part is, Mikuture is a free app which anyone with a smartphone can download at any given time. In a trip in Hokkaido for the annual Snow Festival and you want to show everyone that you’ve met Snow Miku? Done! Eating ramen and you want everyone to know Miku is with you?! No problem! You want to show everyone that Miku is right in the palm of your hands? You can!

It seems like they are also featuring the other versions of Hatsune Miku, which would really make lots of people happy!

Source: Rocket News 24