Ai & Idols. There are many things linking the two. This post will take about some things that links the two, from light-hearted things like songs to more serious matters that happens in courts.

Niji no Conquistador(NIJICON)

For their 4th single released on 11 Feb 2016, Niji no Conquistador turns a school into a battlefield for Ai (Love). Their 4th single titled “Senjo no St. Valentine” has an MV featuring the girls with armed with various weapons fighting in school (on what is probably Valentine’s Day).

Putting aside the weird way one of the members (Emiri Suyama) holds the bullpup-style rifle, the MV is quite good with the dance scenes and slow motion fight scenes. The colour grading and aspect ratio of the video makes it sort of movie like too.

I especially like the dance scenes at night in the school’s yard, their costumes fits well in the scene as well as with the theme of the song.


Ai Negishi from PASSPO

Ai (愛) happens to be used as a given name for some people too. One example that comes to mind is, Ai Negishi (根岸愛) from the idol group PASSPO. She is the leader of the group and her image colour is white. Her nickname is “Aipon” and she is from Saitama prefecture.

Though it has nothing to do with Ai (besides being a song from an idol (aidoru) group), check out the MV for their upcoming single, “Mr. Wednesday”. The single comes in three versions and will be released on 24 Feb 2016, which happens to be a Wednesday!

FREE TO LOVE! No law against that!

Moving on to more serious things, the Tokyo District Court ruled that it is within the constitutional right of an ex-member of an idol group to fall in love.

The talent agency whom the ex-idol belonged to, sued her under the premise that she violated the terms in her contract banning the idols from associating with fans. The presiding judge ruled that a ban of that sort is excessive and that “Seeing a member of the opposite sex is one aspect of the right to the pursuit of happiness“.

You can read more here at the Asahi Shimbun website.

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