Bandai Visual has started streaming a brand new PV for the upcoming “Meteor Lught Arc” of the God Eater Anime. This new arc are the anime’s final four episodes, 10 – 13, which have been delayed due to various reasons. Below is the PV:

The video takes a peek at the past of the God Eater Anime’s main character, Lenka, and offers new footage which gives us a preview of some of the other God Eater characters not yet introduced in the anime.


Episodes 10 (“Sange”), 11 (“Meteor Light”), 12 (“Dai-Ichi Butai”), and 13 (“Renge”), will be following the Meteor Light arc, and will be providing the finish that the fans have been waiting for since it abruptly ended with episode 9, last September.

These episodes will be aired beginning 5 March 2016, at 6:30 pm via Tokyo MX. The series has been plagued with delays, left and right, as a few episodes, including the very first one, were met with delays. But despite those delays (and a few complaining fans), the anime was met with praise for its beautiful and crisp animation, which has been the hallmark of the series itself.