The AQUORS from Love Live! Sunshine are ready to hit the big time, and with an official anime adaptation already announced, Lantis Channel is streaming voice recital videos of the members of this new school idol group. The second video has now been revealed, and it features none other than Second Year member, Riko Sakurauchi, who is voiced by Rikako Aida.

In the video. Riko talked about her circumstances, as she moved from Akihabara in Tokyo to the small town of Uchiura in Shizuoka prefecture. She talked about her transition from big city life to the rural life, and how a certain somebody roped her into being a school idol, after being found out that she was originally from Akihabara.

00000 Riko

Riko was actually talking about Chika Takanami, who was featured in the first voice sample video, which you can check out here:

You can check out the nine AQUORS members here: