If you can’t get enough of Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?, we have some good news for you. Hestia, Bell, Aiz, Hestia’s ribbon, and the other beloved characters from the anime based on Fujino Oomori’s fantasy light novel series are set to return for a brand new OVA.


The OVA was announced during the Hestia Party event in Tokyo, along with a new visual (featured in the image above). Aside from the fact that the series is getting an OVA, as well as the new visual, not much information about it was made, but more details may be revealed during the Gangan GA Fes. 2016 Spring event this coming 20 March.

And speaking of the Gangan GA Fes. 2016 Spring event, it was announced that the anime’s three main cast members of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Bell Cranell), Inori Minase (Hestia), and Saori Oonishi (Aiz Wallenstein), and they will be discussing more about the anime during a special stage presentation during the event. More details about the OVA, such as the story, the staff, and release date, will be made in the days ahead.

Source: animeanime