Since Dragon Ball’s Son Goku gained the ability to fly or use his instant transmission ability, we really haven’t seen him use his legendary Flying Nimbus that much. However, one cosplayer took to the streets to remind everyone that the legendary Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan once rode in one of these…

Turning heads, delighting onlookers, and scaring one really frightened kid, the cosplayer dressed up as Goku (minus the hair and added some sunglasses) and rode a customized electric board. He covered it with stuffing lined with styrofoam, and painted it yellow to really look like the Flying Nimbus. Hey, they even played Chala-Head-Chala in the background!

chala1 chala2

But in the end, looks like the white stuffing wasn’t able to keep up and was slowly getting unraveled. Didn’t stop him from being epic though! But that ending… He also revealed how he made the Flying Nimbus through another video, which also revealed how they made that epic ending as well.

Source: 葉式特工