Fairy Tail is getting its very own live-action stage play, and last time, they revealed actor Shuuto Miyazaki in costume as Natsu Dragneel. The official website to the live-action stage play adaptation of Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail manga has updated once again, and this time, they have revealed their Gray Fullbuster, played by Atsushi Shiramata, as well as Hirofumi Araki as Jellal Fernandes.


Since Gray loves to strip, and as indicated by Atsushi Shiramata’s character visual, expect the actor to be stripping a lot during the show… because he’s Gray. I wonder how they will be able to pull off his ice spells though? Meanwhile, here’s how actor Hirofumi Araki looks like as Jellal.

hirofumi as Jellal2016-02-03-18-53-14-46118000-658x370

The play will run more than 10 shows from 20 April to 9 May, over at the Sunshine Theater in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. It will be directed by Akiko Kodama, who is definitely no stranger to shounen mangas being turned into live-action stage plays, as he previously directed the live-action Naruto stage play, Live Spectacle Naruto, which was also shown in Singapore last year. More details about the play, as well as more characters in costume, will be revealed in the days ahead.

Source: Comic Natalie