Valentine’s Day is over!

Just like in many countries all over the world, Valentine’s Day is a very important day for women in Japan. The Japanese celebrate Valentine’s Day a little differently from the rest of the world, in that only the females present gifts to the males.

Of course, the most popular item that women gift their partners  in Japan is chocolate. However, they do gift other items alongside those chocolates. Here are the top gifts that men in Japan would be most satisfied to receive, and some comments from both the girls and guys.

Top five gifts for males in their 20s:


Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Open Heart

Price: 70,000 yen 


“It’s an awesome wrist watch. I saw it on the internet some times ago, and really wanted one for myself. I bought it after i had lost my previous watch. Although the functions are fewer than the watch i had before, i’m fine with it. The design is so good that i feel fired up just looking at it. So far, I had been using my phone to keep track of time, but having a watch to keep track of time is still the best after all.”

“I was looking for a design that was not too flashy, and I am very satisfied with this one.” 


2nd place: A branded necktie


Givenchy tie

Price: 6804 yen

“I love the brand Givenchy so I was glad that brand of tie was in stock. It has bright colours, and I would be really glad to receive it as a gift.”

“It was the first time I received a tie as a gift. It was packaged really nicely and the tie was of really good quality as well. I’d definitely use it.”


3rd place: A branded pencil case

Price: 7020 yen


This calf skin pencil case is one of the items from the “Pearce” series, from the brand, Knox, handmade by skilled craftsman in Japan.


“The design of this pencil case is stylish, as well as useful, so I really like it. It’s made of buffalo calf skin, and thus is very sturdy and has a good grip to it.”

“I bought it as  it is simple and of good quality. I can easily carry my name stamp in it too. I bought the M size, and i felt that it would be nice if it was a little smaller. When you’re an adult, you don’t carry so many pens in your pencil case anymore, so a small sized one would be perfect to fit a few well chosen pens, as well as a USB drive. I really like this pencil case.”


4th place: Earphones

RHA MA750 Earphones

Price: 17,060 yen


“I have been using JVC’s HA-FXC71 earphones on my iPod up till now, so getting these are kind of having an upgrade. You can hear the low pitched sounds as well as the high pitched sounds really clearly, which makes it very easy to listen with them. I was really satisfied with these earphones.”


5th place: Name card case

Ettinger Card Case

Price: 20,000 yen



“I gave this card case to someone very dear to me. This card case is part of it’s royal collection, and is of very high quality. It’s black on the outside and purple on the inside, so it has kind of a weird combination of being  dull but bright as well. The person who received it really liked it as well.”

“The beautiful purple colour caught my eye and i fell in love with it instantly. The contrast between the simple black colour on the outside and the beautiful purple colour on the inside is really great. The material is not too thin, and is well made too.”


The top gifts for males in their 30s were very similar to those for males in their 20s.

Top gifts for males in their teens:

Winner: Scarf/ muffler

Arcadiarca Cashmere 100% Mens Design Muffler

Price: 6980 yen


It’s usually winter during Valentine’s Day, so a warm scarf could never go wrong!


“I thought of giving something warm to my boyfriend, so i bought this scarf! It’s of very good quality and I liked the dark grey colour as well. I give it 4 stars.”

“I bought a beige checkered muffler for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. It came packaged really neatly, and he was really satisfied with my gift!”


2nd place: Smartphone accessories

Price: 3680 yen


Almost everyone carries a smartphone nowadays, and you can never have too many different smartphone cases!

“I bought the grey casing. It’s really durable and has a calm feel, which I really like. If there was some more space to slot  cards in, it would be perfect.”

3rd place: Small fashion items

Bedroom Athletics Newman 2014

Price: 2160 yen


From a range of stylish, desirable, and well-made loungewear from Bedroom Athletics. The softness is amazing!

“I bought one pair and wanted to buy a pair for my husband too, but the store didn’t have any, so i ordered it online. It’s really comfortable to wear this and work at my desk at night. It’s really warm and I’m glad that i bought it.”


4th place: Warm clothing: Hanten

A Hanten is a short winter coat, which started to be worn in the 18th century. It is an item of traditional Japanese clothing.

Price: 6372 yen


“This hanten is really fashionable and really warm! It’s even warmer than those wooly pullovers I have, or rather, it’s boiling inside! From now on, I’ll be quite excited about winter.”