Spring is ALMOST in the air, and the season usually means that it’s once again time for the sakura trees to blossom. As Spring draws ever closer, Japanese beverage producer, Kimura Drink, has concocted a special cola, which would certainly taste like a Japanese spring, because they are making a Sakura-Flavored Cola.


Kimura Drink has been known for their unique beverages, which range from  green tea cider to unagi (freshwater eel)-flavored cola. This latest beverage is made with sakura extract, taken from Japanese cherry blossoms, which will make for one spring-filled carbonated refreshment.


Distributed in 240mL bottles, each one promises “an elegant aftertaste with a delicate sakura aroma,” and bills the entire drinking experience as “somehow nostalgic.” They are expected to go on sale on 23 February, which is before the sakura trees are expected to blossom.


I wonder if the Sakura-Flavored Cola will be imported? Must be really nice, huh?

Source: Rocket News 24