Japan has been known for their unique Kit Kat flavors, which range from the popular Green Tea to Wasabi. Recently, Nestle released their new Sake-flavored Kit Kats, but they gently reminded their consumers that this new flavor ain’t for everyone.


Sake is Japanese -style rice wine, and is one of Japan’s traditional and most well-known alcoholic beverages. This new Kit Kat flavor uses white chocolate as a base, and mixes it with sake powder. In fact, each piece of chocolate contains 0.8% alcohol, which means that it’s definitely not going to be for kids below the legal drinking age.


And since it has alcohol, eating too much can get you drunk (or diabetes because it has lots of sugar as well). For safety reasons, it’s also best not to eat these if you are driving.

Much like the extremely popular Matcha Green Tea-flavored Kit Kats, these sake-flavored treats are aimed towards foreign tourists visiting Japan. The 9-piece packs come in the shape of an Isshobin, or 1.8-litre sake bottle (pictured above), and cost 700 yen, while the 3-pack boxes cost 150 yen. They are now being sold in souvenir shops and candy stores across Japan.

Source: Japan Times