Kantai Collection admirals are now up in their arms and screaming ‘Murica! on top of their lungs. A new ship was revealed with the release of the new KanColle PS Vita game, as the appearance of Battleship Iowa has confirmed the rumors – the Americans are going to KanColle!

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Currently, several admirals who have played the PS Vita version have reported getting Iowa as a prize for clearing the event on hard. There is still no word if or when she will transition to the original PC browser game, however. This comes after speculations that DMM and Kadokawa will be introducing US ships to the game, which mostly featured ships from the Axis powers like Japan, Germany, and Italy. The speculations came after the developers introduced the Iowa-class ship’s big 16-inch Triple Gun Mount Mk.7. The Iowa class, which comprises of Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, and Wisconsin, are America’s answer to Japan’s massive super battleships, Yamato and Musashi. Though they were not as big, they were still some of the most feared ships in the ocean until they were retired back in the 90’s.

 Meanwhile, during the Japan Amusement Expo event, Sega introduced the game’s arcade version, which shows better graphics than the PC version. The arcade game ejects collectible Fleet Girl cards, and admirals must use the steering wheel and speed lever to control their ships.

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The arcade edition is slated for release sometime in spring 2016.

Source: Crunchyroll and Ain’t it Cool News Anime