The Fate series and Kara no Kyoukai are two of Type-Moon’s most popular titles, and Kara no Kyoukai/ Garden of Sinner’s main heroine Shiki Ryougi is headed to the Fate/ Grand Order smartphone game for a limited time. A new PV for that collaboration has been streamed, with Shiki joining the game as an Assassin-class servant.

Saber vs. Shiki?! Now that’s interesting… Fate/ Grand Order will be launching the “Tokui-ten F Enjou Osen Toshi Fuyuki” event sometime later this month, and Shiki will be one of the event’s prizes for those who have cleared it.


For those unfamiliar with Kara no Kyoukai, it is a light novel series created by one of Type-Moon’s founders, Kinoku Nasu, who also wrote the scenario for Fate/ Grand Order, which is Type-Moon’s first venture into the world of smartphone gaming. Also known as The Garden of Sinners, the light novels were adapted into a 7-part film series, which was animated by ufotable, which also animated Fate/ Zero and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks (TV).