With the upcoming 18 February release of the upcoming Attack on Titan video game for the PlayStation 4, developer Tecmo Koei has revealed a brand new poster in Shinjuku Station. This poster deserves some special attention because it’s big and hides a lot of secrets.


Beneath the poster is another poster, and fans must scratch their way through the titans to reveal a different poster, this time featuring the 13 main characters from the game. To get fans scratching, Koei Tecmo has littered the poster with QR codes, which could be exchanged for wallpapers, and to reveal these QR codes, fans must first scratch through the poster.

79252 79247 79249 79250

A total of 94 QR codes are up for grabs, and once they are all found, a new poster will be revealed.


Now that certainly is one way to promote the game and get fans involved! The poster is as long as a 12m class titan, and is about 2.4m in height, which is almost as tall as a 3m class titan. It can be found near JR Shinjuku Station’s East Exit ticket gate.


Source: animeanime