Superbowl 50 ended with a win for the Denver Broncos over the Carolina Panthers, and also featured a few unforgettable Superbowl ads, one of which celebrated 20 years of Pokemon.

The ad, which gained approximately 825,000 views on TV, sparked a lot of nostalgia among fans, especially those who have played the original Red and Blue games. According to Consumer-sentiment analytics firm ,Canvs, the ad generated 11,461 tweets when it was aired, and 4,230 of the tweets denoted a “genuine emotional response.”


With the “Train On” message urging viewers to continue their Pokemon journey, Canvs noted that approximately 2/3 of those who tweeted about the ad said that they “Love” it, while one in 10 of the emotional responses included the respondent saying they “cried.”

While it is noted that the term “cried” may have been used as an exaggeration in the viewers’ responses, it should be noted that many of the viewers were most likely touched by the ad, which also won the YouTube 2016 AdBlitz, a voter-based poll to select the best Super Bowl advertisements.

Source: ANN