Not every school girl uniform in Japan is the same, and unlike popular belief, most of them are more varied than most have ever imagined. One twitter user, @tmato30kcal, recently shared his take on the matter, by pointing out a few differences of how the uniforms generally look in the many different areas of Japan, from as far north as Hokkaido, to as far south as Okinawa.


@tmato30kcal dressed them up in their winter variations (as this is still the winter season), and noted that local trends and the areas weather usually affect how most schoolgirl uniforms look like and that it also affected the type of skirts, shirts, jackets, coats, neckties accessories and even the socks they wear. For example, people up north in Hokkaido would tend to wear heavier and warmer uniforms, as opposed to the warmer and more tropical Osaka-style. And a few twitter users also weighed in on his take:

“This is totally true for Kobe!”

“Nagoya girls now wear their skirts much shorter than this”

“I’ve never seen a schoolgirl in thigh-highs before”

“Thank you for sharing your valuable experience with us!”

So, what do you think of the differences in styles? Are Japanese uniforms any different in your local area’s school uniforms?

Source: Rocket News 24