The Sapporo Snow Festival is already underway, and new images from the event have revealed that Love Live! and Attack on Titan aren’t the only ones representing the anime world for the event (because Hatsune Miku/ Snow Miku is not an anime character so she does not count, right?). The images taken by Rocket News 24 as preparations for the event are taking place have revealed that Dragon Ball is participating in this year’s Sapporo Snow Festival, and this is all to celebrate the franchise’s 30th anniversary.


The sculpture not only promotes the 30th anniversary of Akira Toriyama’s classic manga, but also promotes the new Dragon Ball Super anime. It features the Dragon Ball Super versions of Son Goku and Vegeta, together with the twin gods of destruction, Beerus and Shampa.

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The images were taken before the annual Snow Festival kicked off in the city of Sapporo, and showed that a lot of construction was still needed to give the final touches to this special sculpture.

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More images from the construction of the Attack on Titan sculpture have also surfaced, and yes, they are so big that scaffolding and a crane were needed.

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Since 2010, Hatsune Miku has played a huge part in the festival as Snow Miku, and last year, Love Live! started participating as well. The virtual diva and the school idols also have snow sculptures of their own in Sapporo.

Source: Rocket News 24