Today is THAT day, and yes, we are talking about Valentine’s Day, or V-Day, or Chocolate Day, or SINGLE AWARENESS DAY. In Japan, Valentine’s Day and Chocolates are an inseparable match, and riding the anthropomorphic character trend inspired by franchises like Touken Ranbu, Kantai Collection, and Toyota’s Prius! Impossible Girls comes a new one, which turns Japanese chocolate brands into handsome young men.


Japanese candy company, Morinaga, is known for their many chocolate brands, and they recently asked women and girls, ages 10 – 49, about a rather interesting question, and that question is that if chocolates were guys, who would be the most handsome?


For this collaboration, Morinaga has teamed up with “Ikemen Lab”, a humorous “research organisation” run by Cybird, which is a company known for otome games. Together, they asked a total of 2,054 females about which chocolate would be the most handsome, and the brands included in the survey were Dars milk chocolate, Carré de Chocolat french milk, Morinaga milk chocolate, Choco Flake, Bake, and Koeda.

With a total of 559 votes, Dars milk chocolate (featured in the top image) won the survey, but he narrowly defeated Carré de Chocolat, who got 507 votes. Third place went to Morinaga milk chocolate, who only got 337 votes.


Meanwhile, Koeda got 167 votes, Bake 114 took votes, and poor Choco Flake only got 59 votes.


The women who participated in the survey were also asked what these chocolates would have looked like if they were Ikemen.

However, these anthropomorphic versions of the chocolate brands still don’t have any names, but they are expected to appear in several advertising campaigns very soon.

Source: Rocket News 24