Sword Art Online featured the world of VRMMOs, where players can dive into a world of virtual reality in the comfort of their own homes. Now however, IBM is planning on making this virtual world possible, with their new “VRMMO Project,” and they are taking their inspirations from Reki Kawahara’s internationally-recognized loght novel series.

IBM Japan’s official website is taking in applicants for the project, who will be testing out the new software, which is a next-generation computing system called the “Cognitive System,” which like the technology produced by Akihiko Kayaba in SAO, can support the decision making processes of the user. The project will also make use of the “SoftLayer” system, a high-performance cloud system which reproduces a world which would feel very much like the real world… you know, exactly like the one in SAO.


The project is boasting a “completely different gaming experience,” and interested applicants can apply through this link (Japan Only): http://www.vrmmo-project.jp/entry/

Only a total of 208 applicants will be allowed to join the Alpha-Testing, which will be held between 18 – 20 march, somewhere in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (exact testing site will be announced to accepted applicants).

Well, here’s to hoping this WON’T turn out to be like SAO… you know, the actually dying IRL when you are killed in the game part.