Good Smile Company finally unveiled their new robotic Hatsune Miku Nendoroid figure last Sunday during Wonder Festival 2016 (Winter). While the robotic figure itself is still has a long way to go, iDoll, which is developing the robotics for this new figure, has released a brand new video, which previews the concept of how the figure should become once they have completed it.

The figure should not only be able to dance, but sing and communicate as well. While iDoll is in charge of the robotics and making Miku sing, the figure’s sculpt itself, will be handled by Good Smile Company. Here is another video, this time taken during WonFes itself, inside GSC’s booth:

Dubbed as “communications robots,” these dancing Miku Nendos will incorporate iDoll’s robotics into GSC’s cute little Nendoroid bodies, and as indicated by the videos, they should not only be able to both sing and dance, but communicate back to people as well. They are created as part of the Nendoroid figure line’s 10th anniversary, and who better to show off this new technology, than Miku herself, right?


Sources:iDoll アイドールand Sazaby Ks