Japan is known for making the weirdest stuff on Earth, and their capsule toys, also known as Gashapons, are definitely one of them. While they mostly contain normal prizes like Mickey mouse key chains, button pins from your favorite anime or video games, or even tiny-yet-cute figures of animals and plants, there are some really weird ones out there.

Rocket News 24 has been reporting of weird Japanese stuff for years, so they are a bit of an expert on that matter. They had recently compiled the Top 7 weirdest Gashapons from last year, and here are their picks for the Top 7:

7 – Squishy bananas (300 yen)


The concept behind these weird gashapons is that you can hang them just like any old key chain, however, you can treat them like stress balls and you can squish them whenever you get stressed out, you know, like squishing a banana.

6 – Hanging pugs (300 yen)


There is a saying about pugs, and that they are “So Ugly That They Are Cute.” These lovable dogs are featured in a variety of positions, both cute AND weird, which you can use to decorate your glasses or cups.

5 – Snack packet tissue holders (400 yen)


Carrying a packet of tissues have been given a nice Japanese snack-themed twist, and these tissue packet holders can hide the fact that you are carrying a packet of tissues because… why the heck not?!

4 – Mann de Quin (200 yen)


Mannequins are creepy enough, imagine them being turned into figures and being given even creepier positions…

3 – Shakurel Planet (200 yen)


While featuring animals in gashapons have been going on since their inception, giving them one gigantic under bite is a bit… too much?

2 – Locker key wrist watches (300 yen)


Getting a wrist watch for just 300 yen is a steal, however, these wrist watches look like those locker room key wristbands which are usually distributed in Japan’s swimming pool areas and gyms.

1 – Bottle panties (200 yen)


It doesn’t get any weirder than this, right? While covering your drink bottles in a jacket so you can keep them cooler longer and prevent them from dripping is practical, only covering the bottom to make your bottles look like they are wearing panties all while having the top part of the bottle still moisturised just screams of being a Japanese idea.

Oh Japan, what will you guys think of this year?