Japan is having its new “Cyber Security Awareness Month,” to help people be aware about cyber attacks, and sveral of Japan’s governmental and non-governmental agencies have teamed up to promote the occasion, and they have also got  classic anime with a huge cybernetic theme to help out. Their team-up with Ghost in the Shell has also produced one brand new manga, and it also talks about the dangers of cyber attacks.


Titled “HUMAN-ERROR TRAPS,” the manga contains about 40 pages and is being offered as a .pdf file for free via the promotion’s offcial website.

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In a world where cyber-attacks are increasing, Ghost in the Shell truly fits the bill as the anime of choice. Production I.G., the animation studio which animated Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, is also helping out by creating and distributing posters to help spread awareness. The posters will be distributed from 1 February until 18 March. You can check out the posters here: http://www.afachan.asia/2016/01/anime-ghost-shell-helping-promote-cyber-security-awareness-month/


The National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) is a new organization in Japan, which was just created earlier this month to strengthen measures against computer attacks. The “Cyber Security Awareness Month” is just part of the organization’s campaign to protect people from such cyber attacks by spreading awareness and knowing how to deal with them. The promotion also ties in with the Ghost in the Shell REALIZE project, which aims to bring the technology used in the SciFi classic to real life.

Source: Crunchyroll