Auto manufacturing giant Toyota, recently unveiled their anthropomorphic car part girls known as the Prius! Impossible Girls, and taking a page out of DMM and Kadokawa’s anthropomorphic girls playbook. This time, they are continuing their campaign by reintroducing the almost-40 car parts in a new video:

The video features the song, “Shijo no Koe,” which is made by renowned Vocaloid producer, OSTER project, featuring the lovable green-haired Vocaloid, GUMI. You can check out the photos of each of the Prius! Impossible Girls through this link:


But did you know that the song’s lyrics are actually taken from people who were asked to test drive a Prius? “Shijo no Koe is actually translated as “Test Drive Voices,” and GUMI is singing the actual and exact responses from the people asked to test drive the car. Now that is marketing!

Toyota turned every part of the car into a Prius! Impossible Girl, from the steering wheel to even the door chime, from the car exhaust to the radio to the car cooling system and even the air-conditioner. This new promotion also includes a game, several other ads, and upcoming merchandise.

Source: Toyota JP