Dagashi Kashi has introduced many to the world of cheap Japanese snacks, and caused many who have not been to Japan crave for some of these tasty snacks. The DVD/ Blu-Ray release of the anime will be coming with a special program called the “Hotaru to Yo no DAGASHI TV!,” which takes a look at some of the snacks featured in the anime.

The first one features Hotaru’s seiyuu, Ayana Taketatsu, who cosplays Hotaru herself (minus a wig), together with Yo Shokada’s seiyuu, Keiji Fujiwara. Here is a preview of the first special program:

Ayana certainly has her mouthful on that one, as she and Fujiwara tried out the Japanese snack favorite, Umaibou, which was featured in the anime’s first episode.

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The first volume Blu-Ray and DVD for the anime is slated to be released on 16 March, and will contain the first two episodes plus the first “Hotaru to Yo no DAGASHI TV!” special. It will also come with a special jacket, which features Hotaru, and is illustrated by the mangaka who created Dagashi Kashi himself, Kotoyama.

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