With retirement rumors circling after abruptly cancelling a concert and having her radio shows end next month, Yukari Tamura has gotten many fans worried. However, King Records and her talent management agency, I’m Enterprise, have both announced that the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha seiyuu will have her contract end by 20 March, and she does not seek to extend that contract.


King Records has stated that the sought to continue working with her, however, they still respect her decision not to extend her contract.

One of the major changes happening for Yukarin is about her official website, which will be going on hiatus for maintenance. That maintenance is scheduled for 21 March, however, before that happens, the website has announced that future announcements about the seiyuu’s activities, appearances, and casting will be made once the maintenance ends.


Meanwhile, Yukarin herself intends to continue her career as a singer, as she announced via her own personal blog. In her post, she thanked all the fans for their support and said that she really put a lot of thoughts in her decision about her King Records contract. She added that she based her decision on her own personal considerations and also said that she wished to announce her new company, however, as of the moment, she cannot.

The seiyuu also talked about King Records, and how much help she has gotten from them, especially from producer Akio Mishima, who has supported her for a long time in her career. She talked about how Mishima supported her when she was still starting her radio program 13 years ago, and thanked him, as well as King Records for everything they have done for her and her career.

She then said that she really wants to keep on singing, and that she wants to continue to grow as a person. She then thanked everyone and asked fans to understand her “reckless” decision, which will certainly be a turning point in her long and fruitful career.

Source: Yukari Tamura Blog