Yusei Matsui’s Assassination Classroom manga may be ending, with both the anime adaptation and the live-action movie adaptation reportedly catching up to the ending. However, there are still some “Extracurricular Lesson” episodes waiting to be shown, and they will be streamed online as web anime.


These “Extracurricular Lesson” episodes, which will comprise of four of the anime’s inaired episodes, will be streamed online via the dTV streaming service, with the first one making its premiere on 11 March. The other three episodes will follow on later dates. Meanwhile, screenshots from the web anime have been released:

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Previously, the manga magazine’s 11th issue stated that the manga is already headed to the “Final Mission’s Climax,” and this announcement confirms that the manga is indeed ending.

The series has received two anime adaptations, with the second one currently airing in Japan. Yusei Matsui’s manga has also received two live-action movie adaptations, with the second movie opening on 25 March.

Source: animeanime