Looks like 2017 will be a huge year for the Fate series, as the Anime Japan 2016 event in Tokyo made two very big announcements regarding anime adaptations for Type-Moon’s Fate franchise.

First announced back in 2014, the anime film adaptation for the Sakura Matou Route, also known as Heaven’s Feel, from Fate/ Stay Night has been highly anticipated by fans ever since the first Fate/ Stay Night anime was aired back in 2006. During Anime Japan 2016, it was announced by ufotable that the movie will be split into three different films, in other words, Fate/ Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel will be a movie trilogy.


The films will be animated by ufotable, with Tomonori Sudou is directing all three. The first movie is slated to premiere sometime in 2017, and will focus on Sakura Matou, as opposed to the 2006 TV anime by Studio DEEN, which was based on the Fate route, or the Saber route, or the Unlimited Blade Works TV anime, which focused on the Rin Tohsaka.


While ufotable is animating Heaven’s Feel, SHAFT will be animating Fate/ Extra, as Type-Moon and Marvelous’s bestselling PSP game will be getting a TV anime adaptation for 2017, titled Fate/ Extra Last Encore.

Series composition will be handled by Fate/ Stay Night creator, Kinoku Nasu himself, with Type-Moon and Marvelous being tagged as the creators of the series. It has not been revealed whether the TV anime will be following the game’s story, or will be an original story altogether. Like the first part of Heaven’s Feel, this new Fate TV anime will be released sometime in 2017.


So, will Nero (Red Saber) be doing a lot of head-tilting with Shaft animating the project? Looks like we will be finding out next year. More details will be revealed for both projects in the future.

Videos via KiriKiriPlus and PKJD