Sailor Moon has thrilled fans for over 20 years now, and has gained a strong following all over the world. After more than 20 years since its premier, Naoko Takeuchi’s classic magical shoujo managa is finally getting its own official fan club, known as the “Pretty Guardians.”


Benefits of joining the “Pretty Guardians” include a special membership card featuring an illustration made by mangaka and creator, Naoko Takeuchi herself, as well as a special make-up lip gloss, which is inspired by the brooch Usagi wears when she transforms into Sailor Moon.

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Members would also be able to priority tickets to the Sailor Moon musical, be invited to the birthday party events of their favorite Sailor Senshii, and have the privilege of purchasing member-exclusive Sailor Moon merchandise. They can also get members-only content via the official Sailor Moon app. Applications to join the fan club will open on 15 March, via the official Sailor Moon Website.

A special event will be held on 10 April, at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum in Sendagaya, to celebrate the launch of the fan club, and all members are invited. Members who attend the event will receive commemorative gift giveaways, and get to mingle with special guests, which include legendary seiyuu, Kototno Mitsuishi, who voices Usagi Tsukino/ Sailor Moon, Kenji Kojima, who voices Tuxedo Mask, and Momoiro Clover Z, the idol group who are not only huge fans of the franchise, but also performed Sailor moon Crystal’s OP song, Moon Pride.

However, members of the fan club also need to apply for the “Fan Club Event ticket” to be able to join the event. More details on how to join the event will be released in the days ahead via the official Sailor Moon Website.

Source: Rocket News 24