The fleet girls are coming back later this year, and during the “KanColle Haru no Kan-Matsuri” (KanColle Spring Ship Festival) event held last Monday (21 March), it was announced when we will expect to see them animated once again.


Several twitter users who attended the event have reported that the anime film will premiere this autumn 2016. According to one twitter user, @ akankore1, the movie will probably be inspired by the events from the Battle of Cape Esperance, which is also known as the Battle of Savo Island. The battle was largely a cruiser engagement, and historically, the large capital ships like the aircraft carriers and battleships did not come into play. 

That battle ended in an American victory, but just like the anime ending with the Battle of Midway, expect the film to NOT be historically accurate. But then again, with the introduction of IOWA, that whole “the Abyssals are the Americans” theory was thrown out the window, right?


It was also previously revealed that there will be another KanColle anime, which will also be a sequel to the previous TV anime, but it will be a different project from the movie. Both the movie and this sequel anime are being produced at the same time.

Source: Hachuimakikou