The 25th and final episode of Sunrise’s Mobile Suit Gundam: The Iron-Blooded Orphans has ended with the mission still not over. However, after the credits rolled, Sunrise promised that the Tekkadan in fact, will be returning for a second season.

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That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Iron-Blooded Orphans is set to return later this year, in autumn 2016 to be exact. This will be the second Gundam anime series which has been split into two seasons, with the first one being Mobile Suit Gundam 00.


So what will we expect with the second season? I guess we will find out come autumn, so expect more Tekkadan, more new mobile suits, and of course, more new GunPla as the new anime rolls out later this year.

images via Otakomu