Facebook has launched their new reactions, which expands how you react to posts besides just merely hitting the “Like” button. However, a new browser extension has also been launched, and it lets you modify these reactions with some of your favorite anime characters, and more.


The new extension is called “Reaction Packs,” and it allows users to modify Facebook “reactions” according to their own tastes, and like the Pikachu reactions in the top pic, here are a few examples, which include ones inspired by My Neighbor Totoro, Madoka Magica, Haikyuu!!, Digimon, and even AKB48!

screen-shot-2016-03-13-at-20-31-42 screen-shot-2016-03-13-at-20-47-36 screen-shot-2016-03-13-at-20-47-45 screen-shot-2016-03-13-at-20-47-58 screen-shot-2016-03-13-at-20-48-03 screen-shot-2016-03-13-at-20-48-22 screen-shot-2016-03-13-at-20-48-51 screen-shot-2016-03-13-at-20-49-08

You can even share your created reactions with others, and if you find something that someone else has made, you can use that as well. And once you have created or chosen a pack, the extension will automatically set up your Facebook to use your new Pack instead of the default, but some refreshing may be needed.


You can only use man pack at a time, but you can change them easily. If interested in this new extension, you can visit the official Reaction Packs website.

Source: Rocket news 24