The official website for the anime adaptation of Tsutomu Satou’s bestselling light novel series, The Irregular at Magic High School, has been updated. It now features the film’s very first PV, which takes a look back at the previous TV anime, with Tatsuya doing what he does best – dominating his opponents (original video from the website is region-locked).

Sasuga Onii-sama! Now that’s the Tatsuya we all know and Miyuki loves, right? The website also confirmed that Yuuichi Nakamura will reprise his role as Tatsuya Shiba, while Saori Hayami will be reprising her role as Miyuki Shiba. It also revealed the film’s new key visual image:

sasuga onii-sama

It was also revealed that the film will be having an original story written by creator Tsutomu Satou himself. aAs announced earlier, it will have good’ol Tatsuya Shiba “become a legend.” No exact release date for the film or additional cast members have been confirmed so far, so stay tuned for more details.

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