After more than a decade of waiting, we are getting a new FLCL anime, which will be co-produced by Production I.G. and Toonami. The new anime will be worth 12 episodes, and is described to be a direct sequel to the OVAs which were released from 2000 – 2001.


The announcement was made via Toonami’s official Facebook page, where they announced:

Toonami is proud to announce an original co-prodution with legendary studio, Production I.G, “FLCL” seasons 2 and 3! That’s right, we are producing 12 new FLCL episodes to be split into two seasons, and serve as a sequel to the original classic, FLCL! Stay tuned for more info when we have it!


FLCL, which is pronounced as Fooly Cooly, was first released as an OVA back in April 2000, and then became a smash hit. Naota Nandaba, a 12-year-old boy who lives in the fictional Japanese suburb of Mabase. His life suddenly changes when the wild Haruko Haruhara arrives.