This year’s Penang Anime Matsuri will be one of the biggest outdoor anisong concert held to date in Malaysia. The festival themed, “Magical Summer”, will take place at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Georgetown in Dewan Sri Pinang and the Penang Esplanade on 21 -22 May 2016.

Event-goers will be treated to an array of activities — from cosplay to anime screenings, panels, workshop, meet-and-greet sessions as well as the Biggest Outdoor Anisong concert in Malaysia.


A team of celebrity cosplayers, Angie(Malaysia), Ely(Taiwan), Liui (The Philippines), Sansin(South Korea), Siu Tao (Hong Kong), Tomia (South Korea) and Ying Tze (Malaysia) will be onboard to help liven up the festival. They will be conducting cosplay workshops to help keen cosplay enthusiasts hone their skills.

Guest Illustrators

Guest illustrators, nob-c (Japan) and FeiGiap(Malaysia) will also be on stage for some illustration panels.

PAM16-Fei Giap

Chong Fei Giap is an illustrator from Malaysia, is a Co-founder of Running Snail Studio as well as Creative Director of design brand “Loka Made”. He is also a part-time teacher at The One Academy of Communication Design. His illustrations reflect streets of Malaysia and probably someone’s daily life. These illustrations are mysterious and nostalgic, yet feel very realistic.


nob-c is a character designer and illustrator. He is also the illustrator for PAM2016 main visual. He is known for his warmth in his illustrations and high attention to detail, with high proficiency in delicate graphics. He has worked on characters from multiple games and was the character designer for the lead characters in the 2015 anime Urawa no Usagi-chan.In Aquarion Logos, that aired in Japan last season, he was also involved in the design of some of the enemy characters. Currently, he is mainly engaged in working on anime, and is one to look out for in future.

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The Biggest Outdoor Anisong concert in Malaysia

Of course, an anime matsuri will not be complete without an Anisong concert. This year’s lineup for the I Love Anisong concert will include pop sensation LiSA, with hits like “Oath Sign” and  “Crossing Field” and  GARNiDELiA, a music unit composed of Maria (Vo) and Toku(music composer), whose repertoire include “ambiguous”, “BiRTHiA”, and “Linkage Ring”. Pumping up the volume for this year’s PAM Anisong concert are guest DJs, Motsu x DJ Kaya, and DJ YURiA.


Bringing the Biggest Outdoor Anisong concert in Malaysia to an even higher level!

Like last year’s PAM, event-goers can also look forward to purchasing anime merchandise in ‘Akiba Town’, street food in ‘Food Street’ and fan-made (doujin) merchandise at Creator’s Market. There will also be an anime experience zone where fans can take pictures with an anime photo wall at Dewan Sri Pinang Hall.

Event Name: Penang Anime Matsuri 2016- Magical Summer.
Date: 21 and 22 May 2016
Venue: Esplanade, George Town
Ticket Price: Free access area – Free entry, Exhibition – RM15 per day, Concert – RM 100 per day or RM180 (Inclusive of 2 days exhibition)

Official Website:
Facebook page:

Ticket sale for the concert will be via the website ( Attendees can also purchase tickets on the event day.