Male fashion magazine, “Junon,” holds the Junon Superboy Contest annually, and some of the finalists of the 28th Junon Superboy Contest came down to AFA 2015, and we had the chance to have a little chat with them.

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The finalists are split into two teams, Team Seniority as well as Team Youth, and three members of Team Seniority and four members of Team Youth came down to Singapore. This being the first time the recently debuted finalists travel overseas and showing off themselves. Some of them are noticeably shy during our conversation while others are taking the chance to show why they will be the ones to look out for in the near future!!

Look out SMAP! The Junon Boys are coming for you!


From Team Seniority:

Hiroki Nishikawa (22),  Ukyou Urasaki (21), Yuichiro Hayashi (19)

From Team Youth:

Mahiro Sugiyama (17), Shun Koyama (16), Taizou Ooka (15), Ayumu Kuroda (16)

We asked them a few questions about their impression of Singapore, and also their dreams for the future.

Is this your first time in Singapore?

(Hiroki)Yes it’s the first time for all of us, in Singapore. It’s our first time visiting Singapore.

What was your first impression of Singapore?

(Ukyou) The buildings are really tall and really beautiful, and I felt the charm of the country think that it would be nice to live here.

(Hiroki) The buildings are really high, and the town is so beautiful

(Ayumu) At first I was quite worried about coming here, but I heard that Singapore is really orderly, that made me feel safe, and it seems nice to live here. Thank you!

(Taizo) Well I heard that Singapore is really safe, and when we touched down at night, we got on a taxi, and the night scenery we saw was really beautiful.

(Shun) From the view from the plane, the country itself was really beautiful, and from the ground level, the view was pretty as well. Singapore’s a really beautiful city!

(Mahiro) My first impression was that it was very hot in Singapore. I heard that it is warm all year round here, which made me feel that it’s probably easy to live in Singapore.

(Yuichiro) The town is very beautiful and there was no dust on the floor.

What made you enter the Junon Superboys Another’s contest?


(Hiroki) I have a very big dream that I will have the number one BS Stream all over the world. Yes.

(Ayumu) For me…the question is why I entered this contest right?

(Hiroki) Yeah, what made you enter the Junon contest

(Ayumu) It’s the first time I have ever participated in this sort of contest, and it was my parents who suggested why not I take part in it. With their support, I was encouraged to take part in this contest.

(Taizo) It was the same for me as well. My mum and sister told me that if I took part in this contest, I had the chance to become an actor. From the time I was Primary 6, I already had a lot of interest in the entertainment industry, so I decided to take part in this contest.

(Shun) My dream is to become an actor, and I especially wanted to be able to play the role of Kamen Rider (Masked Rider). I heard from my mum that this contest might give me the opportunity to become Kamen Rider, and thus it’s the same for me as well, my mother encouraged me to enter this contest.

(Mahiro) I didn’t know anything about this contest and it was my parents who encouraged me to take part in it, and I somehow made it here. However, it is also my dream to work in the entertainment industry, so I’ll work hard to achieve that.

(Yuichiro) I want to be a Hollywood star. Nine years ago, I lived in Malaysia for about nine years. I watched a lot of Hollywood movies everyday, which made me want to become a Hollywood star. Thank you.

(Ukyou) For me, I have been singing since I graduated from high school, so I hoped that by entering this contest, I would have a chance to become a singer in future.

What are your dreams for the future?


(Hiroki) Like I said just now, I want to be the number one BS Hip-hop artist, doing break dance, DJ-ing, beat-boxing, and also graffiti art. I want to be the kind of hip-hop artist that the world has not seen before. That was why I entered into the biggest talent contest in Japan, the Junon Superboys Another’s conte st. Thank you!

(Ayumu) From entering in the Junon Superboys Another’s contest and the experience gained from it, I wish to become an actor in future, doing acting on screen or in stage plays, and appearing a lot on television. Well, I want to become famous!

(Taizo) For me, I hope that our whole group becomes famous, and as I am quite physically fit, I want to become an action star. Also, my first goal would be appear on “Shabekuri 007 (famous comedy talkshow)”

(Shun) Like I mentioned earlier, I would like to become an actor, and also a singer

(Mahiro) For me, I would like to become an actor, and the role that I would most definitely want to play is Kamen Rider. I’ll definitely not let anyone else take that chance from me, and I want to make this dream come true

(Yuichiro) I want to be a movie star. I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and I want to be like him. Thank you

(Ukyou) I want to be a great singer and be able to perform on various music programme on television

Unfortunately, that was all the time we had with them during AFASG15. This group of boys will most definitely be on to bigger things, so do look out for them in the future!

Here’s are the links to the group’s website: