Cardcaptor Sakura is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and Animate Cafe is joining in on the party. As CLAMP’s classic magical girl manga will be taking over the cafe starting next month, with the first-ever Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe, which will open in both Tokyo and Fukuoka.


Several Animate Cafe branches, starting with Ikebukuro and Fukuoka, will feature Cardcaptor Sakura artworks by CLAMP, as well as serve a menu which is inspired by the manga itself. These menu items will include:

Sakura’s Birthday Roll Cake, Napoiltan Pasta that Sakura Loves Too, Thunder Emperor, Come Forth! Syaoran’s Cold Noodles, The Kinomoto Family’s Sports Meet Bento Made with Love, The Scottish Terrier’s Baguette Sandwich that Yukito Bought, and Release the Seal! Keema Curry Overflowing with Magic


Kero-chan and Suppi Eggs Benedict Plate, Sakura’s Homemade “Won’t You Have Some Hotcakes?” Hotcakes, Tomoyo’s Elegant Afternoon Tea Set, and “It’s Going to Be Alright!” Clow Card Parfait


Sakura’s Flittering Cherry Blossom Drink, Tomoyo’s Reverberating Singing Voice White Water, Syaoran’s Thoughts of Sakura Melon Soda, and Yukito’s Moon Soda


For each Cardcaptor Sakura menu item that is ordered, one Cardcaptor Sakura-themed coaster will be given away, and there are 20 designs to choose from.


Several Animate Cafes will be hosting the theme, starting with Ikebukuro and Fukuoka (Tenjin) from 1 April until 29 May, before heading to Sendai and Okayama from 1 June until 29 July. Following which their next stop will be in Osaka (Tenoji). The final stop for this theme will be back in Tokyo, where Ikebukuro will once again host the menu, along with Shinjuku from 1 – 30 October 2016.

The group of mangaka known as CLAMP first introduced Cardcaptor Sakura back in 1996, and was serialized in Nakayoshi magazine. 2016 marks the series’ 20th anniversary, and the celebrations are only beginning as more merchandise and events are expected to be slated this year, and that includes a 20th anniversary cover compilation by CLAMP, which will be released this March, as well as a new manga to be serialized in traditional home, Nakayoshi Magazine.

Source: Rocket News 24