Japan is known for its many unique Kit Kat flavors, the most popular of which is Matcha Green Tea. Now, Nestle Japan is giving us more than the usual Matcha Green Tea flavor with the release of their new “I LOVE TEA” series, which introduces us to five new tea-flavored Kit Kats.

kita-kat-tea-1 kit-kat-tea

These new flavors are:

Gyokuro, considered the highest quality of green tea in Japan, and is described to have a mellow flavor.


Koucha, or black tea


Urincha, or Oolong tea (black chocolate is used as the base)


Houjincha, or roasted green tea


Genmaicha, or brown rice tea


All five flavors will be sold in a 10-pack box set worth 2,484 yen. Each set will contain two packs of each flavor, and will be available in various Kit Kat Chocolatory stores starting 1 April. However, people who visit the Shinjuku Takashimaya store on 25 March will be able to purchase these chocolates before its official release date.

In the words of Kongou from Kantai Collection: “Always got to make time for tea-time!”

Source: Nestlé Japan via Rocket News 24