Marvelous Inc. and Type-Moon recently launched a new Fate countdown site, which has gotten many Fate fans talking, and now, the countdown has reached zero, and it has revealed the latest addition to the Fate/ Extra video game series, Fate/ Extrella, which will be a full-on hack-and-slash action game.


The game will be released for both the PS Vita and the PS4, and will feature a “new dimension” where servants and their masters will be waging their battles.  Not much has been announced thus far, but Fate creator, Kinoko Nasu has confirmed that this will be a hack-and-slash action game. More details will be revealed in the next issue of Weekly Famitsu Magazine, which will feature a 4-page article about this new game.


The issue will feature an interview with both Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi, and will also talk about the Fate/ Extra series’ most well-known character, Red Saber, or Nero.

Source: Famitsu