The Winter 2016 event for Kantai Collection has now ended, and the game update which ended the event fielded a few new surprises, including the addition of a new Kai Ni, which was given to the Mutsuki-class destroyer, Satsuki.


Satsuki can be upgraded to Kai Ni at level 75, and blueprints are not required. Much like her older sisters, Mutsuki and Kisaragi, Satsuki Kai Ni is also featured wearing a jacket, however, unlike the Kai Ni for her older sisters, she has been developed for more anti-air combat. And like Kasumi Kai Ni, she can also equip Daihatsu-class landing crafts to get more resources for expeditions. New quests have also been added, both of which involve Satsuki Kai Ni.

The update also allows the Russian destroyer, Verniy, to also equip the Daihatsu-class landing crafts, as well as the Anti-torpedo Bulge (Medium). It also adds more equipment which can be upgraded for Akashi’s improvement arsenal like the Ro.44 Seaplane Fighter, which can also be equipped by the big battleships like Yamato, Musashi, Nagato, and Mutsu.


KanColle is also celebrating the Hinamatsuri season, which include new furniture and NPC CGs for both Akashi and Ooyodo. Spring-themed furniture are also making their return, and new seasonal Hinamatsuri voice lines for several ships have also been added.

NPC_Akashi_Hinamatsuri_02 NPC_Ooyodo_Hinamatsuri_01

However, the big news is the official announcement of the KanColle Android version, with registration to join now open. According to the KanColle Wikia,

Players who set the Lever in the Registration option as “Registered” will be later placed into a lottery where random players of ~100,000 will be chosen to be able to start using the KanColle Android App first. (Devs said they’re working to let as much users to be early users as possible) Until then, please leave the lever as “Registered” and wait until further notice by the Developers.

The Pre-Registration will end on the next upcoming maintenance at a later date.

This also means that interested players must register for the lottery BEFORE the next maintenance begins. And since this is going to be a lottery, just being registered will not guarantee that you will automatically be signed up for the Android game. To register, click the red-highlighted option as featured in the image and then pull the lever. If it changes to green, this means that you are now registered for the lottery.


Both the Android version and the PC browser version are linked to the users’ DMM accounts, which also means that the game an admiral is playing in his PC browser will be the same for the Android version, so all the rare ships that you have, like Yamato, Musashi, Prinz Eugen, etc., will also be transferred.

There is still no word if the Android version will be region-locked, and no iOS version has been announced thus far.

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