Fans of Type-Moon’s Fate series are abuzz lately, as a special countdown site was launched, which promises that we might be seeing a new project for the franchise soon, and it is called “Project Cosmos.”


The website states that “A new fate begins to stir.” in both English and Japanese, and it is slated to end on 15 March at 6:00 pm JST. Video game makers, Marvelous Inc., has been registered as the owner of the domain, and the source code for the website itself features one very familiar pattern…


To those who have played Marvelous and Type-Moon’s Fate/ Extra game, you might notice that the pattern is very similar to how the command spell for the game’s protagonist looks like. However, since we still don’t know what this “Project Cosmos” really is, we still don’t know if this will be a new Fate/ Extra game, or a new Fate anime. I guess we will find out on 15 March when the timer hits zero.

Source: 4Gamer