Pokemon Go, Niantic and the Pokemon Company’s upcoming and ground-breaking iOS and Android mobile game app is getting fans all giddy and excited. The game promises an augmented reality game where players can find Pokemon anywhere they go, and catch them. The game seems to getting ready for release in the near future as the app has started recruiting volunteers for some field tests!

Testing is necessary to tweak out a few kinks in every game. However, this won’t be any normal beta test, but a field test, which means that testers won’t be testing out the game in the safety of an indoor facility, but outside in the real world where the game promises players that they can find some Pokemon and catch them! Field Testers will need to go out of their homes and try to… well… catch’em all!

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However, it should be noted that the game itself has not yet been completed, so a few features might still be missing. The field tests are open to residents of Japan, and must have an operating system that is no older than the iPhone 5 iOS or Android Version 4.3. A G-mail account is also necessary, and interested applicants can head to the game’s official website to sign up, however, the website itself is region-locked, so only people in Japan can sign up for now.

Source: Rocket News 24