As people passionate about Japanese sub-culture, we are all parts of different fandoms and support what we love with our passion (and money). However, it is interesting to note that, eventually we do graduate from a fandom.

So let’s take a look at the 5 steps fans take when they enter and maybe eventually leave a fandom.

  1. Noticing


Remember when you first noticed your fandom?

Maybe you were surfing the net and you chanced upon it or there was a promotion for it at an event you attended. This is the first step to your eventual fall. At the start you didn’t think too much about it, maybe a passing thought of “Hey that looks rather interesting” and nothing more.

This sets it up for the next stage.

  1. Enabling Trigger


There will be that one factor that will set you down this path. It could be a song that you really, really like, maybe it’s a really cute girl.

Now you want to know more, your interest has been piqued and you are want to know more about this whole fandom.

  1. Casualness


Now that you finally joined this fandom, you start to learn the ropes.

Every fandom has its own set of rules and you have to learn them. You stumble around at a bit and maybe make some friends. You will eventually find some Facebook groups that you join hoping to meet more people and this is where you meet the hardcore fans, an entity both amazing and intimidating at the same time.

They seem to know everything and their collection of goods are just as astounding. You long to be like them and eventually you do.

  1. Hardcore


You finally did it!

You basically know everything about the fandom. You don’t just follow the rules, you make some of them! You have reached the level where your monthly budget sets aside an amount just for your fandom. Right now you are at a crossroad.

Do you continue this route forever, or do you make the big choice of…

  1. Burnout or Graduation

The fandom doesn’t feel the same anymore. Maybe it just died out over the years and the lack of new content just failed to ignite any sparks in your heart. Your collection of goods feels less like an achievement and more of a waste of space.

Maybe it’s time for you to leave it all behind.


Or maybe you finally want to settle down and leave behind your glory days and take a break from it all. Nothing lasts forever, and maybe it is time to say your final goodbyes.