Last November, the JR West Sanyou Shinkansen line launched the Shinkansen Evangelion Project, which features a special train called the 500-type EVA, which comes complete with a life-size cockpit from the 1995 classic anime.

The train is running until March 2017, and it is launching a new promotion, as well as new campaign bonuses. Heck, it’s even gotten itself a new visual!


The new promotion aims to attract kids during the spring break period into riding the Eva Shinkansen, and they will be giving away limited edition button badges to parents who accompany their elementary school children in the period between 15 March and 17 April 2016.


The train stops in Okayama Prefecture, and has a tie-in for the area’s tourism, with passengers who take the Eva Shinkansen during weekdays from 15 March – 30 June getting a special Okayama Prefecture postcard featuring Asuka.


The  “500 Type Eva Project” will be running from mid-autumn 2015 all the way until March 2017, so there is plenty of time to catch these trains when visiting Japan. Special events and limited edition collaboration items during the time of its implementation.

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Here are the schedules for the train’s journeys:

Hakata Station 6:36a.m. – Shin-Osaka Station 11:14 a.m. (Kodama 730)
Shin-Osaka Station 11:32 a.m. – Hakata Station 4:07 p.m. (Kodama 741)

Source: Comic Natalie