Konin Todoke Seisakujo/Design Laboratory for Marriage Paperworks has been releasing official marriage papers for couples wanting to get married. After releasing their Sailor Moon Marriage Documents, it seems that they are expanding to the Vocaloid franchise.


In Japan, just handing a marriage registration to your local government office is enough for two people who love each other to get married, and no elaborate ceremonies, no rice throwing, no bouquet tosses, no priests, are required to be officially recognized as a married couple.

These new Hatsune Miku Marriage Documents are officially recognized by the Japanese government, which means that if you and your partner use these papers to file your marriage, it will be recognized. They come in two designs, “Hatsune Miku Loving Bride (Blue)” and “Hatsune Miku Loving Bride (Pink),” and both come in sets of three pages worth of documents for you and your bride to fill up. Each set of three documents cost 3,900 yen. These documents are illustrated by one of Miku’s most popular illustrators, KEI.

Hatsune Miku Loving Bride (Blue)

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Hatsune Miku Loving Bride (Pink)

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And if your order numbers ends in either 3 or 9, you will also get your own Hatsune Miku Bride clear file. The released last 9 March, or 3/9, which is Miku day!

Source: Crunchyroll