Baths are an integral part of Japanese life, with many Japanese taking them right at home while others take them in public baths. There is a few bath etiquette that must be followed, and Kumamon, the lovable bear mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, shows us how to properly take one.


According to the video, one must always wash himself/ herself before entering the bath, and poor Kumamon got told off the moment he tried entering the bath without washing himself. And when washing one’s self, he/she must never splash around, because that would be rude.

And yes, we’ve seen it mentioned in anime a lot (particularly ecchi and harem anime, coughCensorshipcough), but bringing a towel into the bath water is considered as bad manners.

In the video, after being told off by a kindly old man plenty of times, Kumamon finally got to relax in the bath. And after you’re done with your bath, you must always dry yourself off before entering the changing room.

Of course returning the favour a bit by beating the back of your friendly neighbourhood Ojisan, please queue to do so!

With 118 natural hot spring in Kumamoto, it is no wonder Kumamon is so enthusiastic about promoting the bath culture in Japan.


In case you are wonder, the song is 「お風呂で歌えば」, “Singing in the bath” by Ayano Tsuji

Source: Kumamotofuro Movie Division, Kumamoto Ofuro Promoter